Partners in the Parks

Partners in the Parks is an outdoor experiential learning program that partners National Parks with host University Honors programs in the region to create week-long adventures in education. Over the course of the program, University faculty and National Park employees give students a unique understanding of both the natural and cultural diversity of the park as well as research and management issues unique to the park. Students not only get to see what a park really “is” and “does” by meeting the incredible people who’s research and work ensure its survival, but also enjoy recreating in some of America’s most scenic destinations.
This year, 9 programs are being planned in different National Parks across the country ( The University of Washington Honors Program is pleased to host its second program in Olympic National Park in August. After hosting honors students from around the country last year, we are more excited than ever to publicize these unique and wonderful opportunities to you. Students are encouraged to travel to a park and program not hosted by their own University and instead explore a new region of America.  
We are especially thrilled this year to be able to offer one Partners in the Parks scholarship that will cover the registration fee of your chosen program. If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, please visit our website for more information and scholarship requirements:  The application deadline is: February 17, 2012. Students may also earn leadership credit toward their Honors Experiential Learning requirement for participating in one of these programs. See an Honors adviser for more information.
For more information about Partners in the Parks, including information about all individual programs visit the program website at You must register for your program through this site.
Aley, Brook, and Laura (Olympic NP Partners in the Parks directors, 2011, 2012)